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We've all heard remarkable stories about psychokinesis anomalies, like a woman lifting a car off of her baby after a car wreck. These are powers that we all have that are locked away - ready to be released.

Telekinetic events happen on a daily basis all over the world. Abilities like these have sparked several major studies to come into play at Princeton, Stanford (SRI) and other major universities. Science has proven that this unlocked potential exists in people, through years of research and experiments.

Here's a true account...

I was sitting in a casino one time, when a scruffy looking guy sat down on a video poker machine behind me. He looked fairly scary and had a few people nervous. He was intensely looking at the machine, slowly rocking back and forth.

Within 4 or 5 minutes, the machine hit a Royal Flush for $1200.00. The guy sat there looking frazzled until he got his payout - then he did it again within 2 more minutes after he started playing the same machine...

He continued playing, being less conspicuous. He moved over a couple of machines and hit several 4 of a kinds and left - with a lot of money!

I later found out that this was called psychic gambling...

It became clear that he was doing this with some kind of mind control or psychokinesis.”

To be completely honest, I was kind of ticked off. I’d already burned through a couple hundred bucks on video poker at the casino. I asked myself why? WHY can this guy walk up to a machine and clean it out in a few minutes, while everyone else around him is "losing their @ss" as we say?

I've seen this repeated cycle time and time again and anyone who has spent ANY time in a casino has seen the same thing over and over. I'ts frustrating!

Some may say “Oh, he just had a good machine”. NOT a chance, because he moved and repeatedly hit Four of a Kinds on another machine. I realized that this guy had a connection with stuff that I didn’t.

Me, being ME, I had to figure out what that connection was. It took me about five years, a ton of books, research and a lot of LOSING to finally figure it out.

Want to know how some people can walk into a casino and win a fortune, while everyone else goes broke? I’m going to tell you how...

Most people try to move an object with their mind three or four times in their lifetime. They fail and give up. They go back to the old concept of lower learning and think that they just can't do it. It's how we are taught in this world - from day one.

This is a sad reality of life on Earth in most places. We're actually de-programmed from the psychic gifts that we ALL have from the day we are born. This is why children have imaginary friends. Perhaps they're NOT imaginary at all...

 We've all experienced the psychic energy in us at one time or another with De'JaVue.

Our psychic and telekinetic powers are natural. They are a major part of our DNA. Our ancestors couldn't have survived without them. Can you imagine living in a world with dinosaurs and other creatures that would rip you apart limb from limb every time you walked out of your cave?

Our human telepathic powers served us as warning mechanisms. Face it - our linguistic communication skills were lame that far back. Modern science has suggested that MOST communication done back in those times was telepathic

The solution...  

PSY is a software program that runs on your Windows PC, laptop or tablet, that will help you quickly develop your psychic and telekinetic / psychokinetic abilities (the ones that we are born with and rapidly stripped of in modern times). PSY opens the natural pathways in our minds and expands our natural psychic and telekinetic abilities.

Imagine manipulating an object 68 times in less than a minute. This is what it takes to train your mind for telekinesis. PSY allows you to see the results of your telekinetic and psychic real time!

Learn Telekinesis

PSY uses special Random Number Generators (RNG) in software, that you control with your mind's will. In Machine Control Mode, you get a real-time graph of your results. As you practice - the graph begins to stabilize. You will see the results right before your eyes! Princeton University was well known for their psychic experiments. PSY is miles ahead of the computer program they used and you can have it in your own home...

How It Works

PSY works by using very sophisticated programming algorithms. In order to see true results, a special type of RNG (random number generator) is required. This generator must create truly random numbers that are not on a repeating cycle of any kind. PSY's RNG is very similar to those used in casinos around the globe. To get accurate results - a sophisticated RNG is necessary.

PSY also has other modes of more conventional operation for enhancing your telekinetic and psychic abilities. Numbers Mode and Cards Mode. Numbers Mode has two forms of operation: Telekinesis Training and Psychic Training.

To really train your mind for these powers, we need to start somewhere. Numbers Mode allows you to choose number ranges from 0 to 9 all the way up to 0 to 500. This allows you to naturally progress in your psychic abilities.

Cards Mode focuses on a standard deck of playing cards. Some find it easier to predict cards, because they are more of a visual experience.

Whichever mode you like the best - you can be assured that you will get the best psychic enhancement features from PSY.

Telekinesis  Card Reading

Now, you can accurately test and train your psychokinetic and psychic abilities in a fun, naturally progressive way.

Once you start getting you mind in this mode of operation, other things become possibilities. Astral travel, teleportation, bi-location and other 5th dimensional opportunities open up. Your mind is powerful! You just need to unleash the power that it naturally has!

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